Gus Van Sant’s Last Days

Creepy, scary, lonely, sad, angry, and bitter. This movie brought up a lot of emotions for me. It started out with anger and resentment but then that transformed into sadness and fear. There isn’t much dialogue but so much is said throughout the film. What the fuck can you say about addiction? What can you […]


Consistency is a bitch. I set out to write everyday and I am keeping my promise but it is a pain in the ass. The day was going so well I was getting things done and moving along but it was all stripped away with one phone call. Nothing bad happened but I pulled out […]


I am pretty happy with what I have done with the wordpress/gallery setup at my house. I also did something similar for work but I am using a different theme there. This theme is really impressive and believe me when I say I have tried most of the themes out there! I spent some time […]

Waste of time

God what a waste of time…I really don’t know what is going on with me lately but I am obsessed with wasting time. I have been sitting here looking for a good theme for wordpress and nothing really works all that great. I need to sleep so I suppose I will settle for this default […]