Iceland Day #1

We landed in Iceland with no problems! The flight was pretty awesome actually. Iceland air offers plenty of media to keep you busy for the 4h40m flight. We watched oceans 11 and then I put on Magnolia. What an amazing movie must watch that again soon maybe on the flight back but its a sin […]

Google Wallet Hacked

In this article Dave Their talks about the latest of hacks against google wallet. Both of which require you either steal or maybe magically find someone’s phone. What is really strange is this: If you accept the fact that google has some of the brightest minds working for them how could it be that they […]

Coaching Session #1

Taught class for Diane here is my description of the class followed by feedback from Diane: Started the class off well. The students were rocking and the breathing was great. We started class with half-moon and I seemed to get a bit off pace there speeding up too quick. I noticed I was way fast […]