..Almost A Week..

So it’s been almost a week since I had my last surgery on my ankle. I can walk again with any aids and I used the stupid boot for the last time yesterday. I was able to do the warm up series via the cd this morning and while I was a bit sore and […]

Got Pills?

Woke up feeling OK. I was still a bit off because of the medication and the anesthesia. I took my last dilaudid at 6pm the night before and was a little torn around wanting more. Yea my sponsor says it’s totally normal for an addict to want to use drugs. Me I didn’t want to […]

Slice of Life

Surgery Sarah and I woke up and headed into MGH around 7:30. We got there and were processed pretty quickly. I was in a gown and in the back room awaiting surgery by like 10:30. At least we got to sit together until 11:45 when the came in to give me pain meds (fentanyl and […]


Took the day completely off. I needed a day to let my body return…I did go to PT and then came home and watched lost most of the day. It was great aside from the fact that I miss my girlfriend…

Missing Pieces

Man. Sometimes I just think that I’m broken. The gears just don’t work right, there isn’t enough oil…This are going fine and then BOOM it changes. For me this generally results in some sort of manifestation of obsession. I’ll sit there and spin my wheels and just feel like total shit about it. I fucking […]