I am pretty happy with what I have done with the wordpress/gallery setup at my house. I also did something similar for work but I am using a different theme there. This theme is really impressive and believe me when I say I have tried most of the themes out there! I spent some time […]

Waste of time

God what a waste of time…I really don’t know what is going on with me lately but I am obsessed with wasting time. I have been sitting here looking for a good theme for wordpress and nothing really works all that great. I need to sleep so I suppose I will settle for this default […]


It is really funny. I setup all of this shit and was really looking forward to coming home and just writing a post and going to bed. I probably don’t have to say that that didn’t happen. I am writing this post while rdesktop’ed back into work. The webhop system works great from outside but […]