Coaching Session #1

Taught class for Diane here is my description of the class followed by feedback from Diane: Started the class off well. The students were rocking and the breathing was great. We started class with half-moon and I seemed to get a bit off pace there speeding up too quick. I noticed I was way fast […]

Thanksgiving Day Fall

Another year… The clock ticks and we’re back at the holidays again. Come one come all and hop on! Time – the carousel of life! Don’t get me wrong I like the holidays. It is fun to see everyone and see what the last year round has done to the lot of us. For me […]


I wish there were a more interesting title, but there isn’t. Insecurity that silly thing I can never seem to see or choose to admit is bothering me. Whenever I start to look to others for something I feel is lacking in myself it is almost always insecurity. It is the worst feeling ever to […]

The Mall

Yoga Asana Championship 2011 Yet another year I intended to compete but it just wasn’t in the cards with my most recent surgery on my ankle. Oh well. Next year… The day was really fun. Sarah and I got there around 11:45 and we walked around checked out the Lulu Lemon store and then found […]

Illegal Smile

John Prine, Illegal Smile When I woke up this morning, things were lookin’ bad Seem like total silence was the only friend I had Bowl of oatmeal tried to stare me down… and won And it was twelve o’clock before I realized That I was havin’ .. no fun Chorus: But fortunately I have the […]