I am pretty happy with what I have done with the wordpress/gallery setup at my house. I also did something similar for work but I am using a different theme there. This theme is really impressive and believe me when I say I have tried most of the themes out there!

I spent some time tonight importing all of my old pictures from gallery1 to gallery2. I still have a bit to learn about the operation of gallery2 but all in due time. I must say gallery2 is really nice. From the installer to the interface it is a really nice product.

So enough of the B.S. what is really going on with Aaron? Well I am not sure all I know is I have been completely obsessed with setting up WordPress, completely defocused from my job, and not really wanting to go to meetings. I had planned to go to St. C’s tonight but at the last minute decided to go to the grocery store instead. Well I did need groceries! Sounds good.

I am not going to beat myself up. Something is going on and I know what I need to do to sort it out. Just keep on keepin on and don’t use. I am not alone and most definately not unique!