Long Hair

For those that don’t know I am letting my hair grow again. Anyway I had this dream last night which sort of threw me for a loop:

Somehow I got video imagery of myself when I was using. So I was watching myself sit in a chair (all fucked up) and I had really long hair. The woman that I was with for some reason I think it was Donna said that she taped all of her boyfriends and if she got to six tapes it was really bad (wierd).

Anyway Kate was there and we were up to our old shenanigans (sp?). The really odd part was that as we started to screw around I noticed she had some extra equipment. It didn’t freak me out since at that point I know the movie I was watching was a dream (fucking wierd), but when I woke up I was pissed and felt very very strange.

More proof the subconscious mind is just a mixed bag a fruit, or worse the sum total of a garbage disposal that has been run a few times.

Fucking wierd.

I was cool seeing myself with long hair… 🙂