Oh man I was so tired for this class. I got plenty of sleep but I was just dragging. The students were not really awake either. I did my best to pull things together but I was dragging. I had to rush to end the class on time.


Went in with a good attitude and focused on saying the dialogue. It went much better than 6am but my tiredness got to me a few times. When I noticed it I just kept pushing forward. There were a few times that I forgot the words simply because I was spacing out.

10:30 – 12

Not sure how many back bends I did but it was somewhere in the 20’s

12 – Tomo

Holy shit this was a hard class for me. I thought I was going to die because of the heat. The standing series was fine but the floor series was just torture. I was so drained and tired.




1400 – Back bending

Did about 15 backbends

1630 – Jill

Good class totally killed myself!


Taught class because a teacher didn’t show. Class was good I was tired by the end of it!



Good class. Had a newbie leave. I just let her go it isn’t my job to convince people to stay. You want to go? See ya! Just make sure you come back tomorrow!

1330 – Championships Practice

I learned how to go through my routine today. I’m doing the following

Finger Stand

I think my postures are OK but I have to make a lot of improvement over the next few weeks. Having the surgery right in the middle just sucks but I think if I get my shit together quickly I’ll be able to pull this off!