SuSE 10, WordPress, Dyndns, Monowall & CGIProxy

After a bit of digging I finally settled on using WordPress as my journaling tool.

Some background on how this all came to be: I started using a pen and paper to log tasks that I completed throughout the day. I may also write down things I wanted to remember on another day. That being said and obvious flaw in this type of system is the fact that it isn’t quickly searchable. Also it isn’t very pretty since my handwriting resembles that of a High School freshman. And from this list came these requirements:

  1. Searchable
  2. Presentable
  3. Ease of use

– Searchable

This is simply as it sounds in that the content must be searchable.

– Presentable

The system should employ the use of templates and or incorporate themes that will quickly and easily modify the look of the ‘look’ and ‘flow’ of the entire site.

– Ease of use

The system should be as easy to use as the paper and pen system. This is a madatory requirement. Anything more complicated than that would not be useful as I won’t use it.

I took some time and set it up at work and was really impressed by the ease of installation. I mean you really don’t have to do anything to make WordPress work right out of the box.